Cyril Ramaphosa Salary

Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa, is a distinguished figure in both political and business circles.

Born in Soweto in 1952, Ramaphosa’s journey is marked by his significant contributions to South Africa’s socio-political landscape.

His early involvement in student politics at the University of the North laid the foundation for his extensive career.

Despite challenges, he persisted in his studies, earning a B.Proc degree in 1981 through the University of South Africa.

A notable turn in his career came with his founding of the National Union of Mineworkers in 1982, a pivotal move that cemented his role in South Africa’s labour movement and political arena.

Ramaphosa’s political acumen was further demonstrated when he was elected general secretary of the African National Congress (ANC) and became a central figure in the negotiations for South Africa’s transition to democracy.

Cyril Ramaphosa Salary

Cyril Ramaphosa earns an annual salary of about 4 million Rands. This figure translates to approximately R 330,000 Rands per month.

His role as the nation’s leader, which he assumed in 2018, not only comes with significant responsibility but also substantial financial compensation.

This salary forms a significant part of his income, contributing to his status as one of the wealthiest individuals in Africa.

Companies Owned by Cyril Ramaphosa

Shanduka Group

Founded in 2001 by Cyril Ramaphosa, Shanduka Group emerged as a leading African black-owned and managed investment company.

Under Ramaphosa’s leadership, it rapidly developed into a black economic empowerment pioneer, boasting a diversified portfolio encompassing both listed and unlisted companies.

Shanduka’s investments spanned various sectors including resources, food and beverage, telecoms, finance, and property.

This company played a pivotal role in shaping Ramaphosa’s business acumen and contributed significantly to his wealth.

McDonald’s South Africa

In a landmark deal in March 2011, Cyril Ramaphosa was announced as the new developmental licensee for McDonald’s in South Africa.

This role entrusted him with the responsibility of managing all McDonald’s restaurants across the nation.

His stewardship of this global fast-food giant’s South African operations not only expanded his business footprint but also underscored his proficiency in handling large-scale international franchises.

MTN, Coca-Cola, Standard Bank, Alexander Forbes, Liberty Group, Bidvest, and Seacom:

These notable companies were part of the Shanduka Group’s portfolio during Ramaphosa’s tenure.

His involvement in these enterprises, ranging from telecommunications to banking and beverages, highlights his diverse investment interests and his ability to navigate multiple sectors successfully.

Board Positions

Ramaphosa’s business influence extended to holding various board positions, including chairmanships at Bidvest, Mondi, and MTN, and non-executive directorships at Macsteel, Alexander Forbes, SABMiller, and Standard Bank.

These roles showcased his expertise in corporate governance and strategic planning, enhancing his reputation as a proficient business leader.

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