20 Highest Paid Football Players in The Dstv PSL

South African football has an elite group of players who not only excel on the field but also earn top dollar for their skills and dedication.

The DStv Premier Soccer League (PSL) boasts some of the highest-paid footballers in the country.

In this article, we’ll take a deep look into the lives and careers of the 20 highest-earning players in the league.

These athletes are not just local heroes, but they also capture the attention of football fans worldwide.

Their salaries and endorsements have propelled them to the top of the financial ladder in the PSL, making them some of the most sought-after sports figures in South Africa.

Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa

The highest-paid football player in the DSTV Premier Soccer League (PSL) is Keagan Dolly, who plays for Kaizer Chiefs. His monthly salary is estimated at R1,450,000.

Dolly’s return to South African football from his stint in Europe marked a significant acquisition for Kaizer Chiefs, reflecting his high market value and the expectations placed on him.

20. Sipho Mbule

Sipho Mbule, earning R350,000 at Mamelodi Sundowns, is recognized for his midfield prowess. His move from SuperSport United to Sundowns was a testament to his rising profile in South African football.

Mbule’s vision, ball control, and passing ability make him a key playmaker for Sundowns, often initiating attacks and controlling the flow of the game.

19. Mosa Lebusa

Mosa Lebusa, commanding a salary of R300,000 monthly at Mamelodi Sundowns, is known for his defensive solidity and leadership at the back.

His journey from Ajax Cape Town to Sundowns has seen him develop into one of the league’s most reliable defenders.

Lebusa’s contributions extend beyond his defensive duties, often participating in set pieces and contributing to the team’s offensive efforts.

18. Yusuf Maart

Yusuf Maart, a key midfielder for Kaizer Chiefs, also earns R300,000 per month. His performances have been central to the team’s midfield stability, offering both defensive cover and creative playmaking.

Maart’s ability to control the tempo of the game and deliver precise passes has made him an integral part of the Chiefs’ strategy.

17. Ashley Du Preez

Ashley Du Preez earns R300,000 monthly at Kaizer Chiefs, where he has quickly become known for his pace and ability to stretch defenses.

His transition from Stellenbosch FC to Chiefs marked a significant step in his career, offering him a larger stage to showcase his talent.

Du Preez’s contributions in the attacking third, including goals and assists, have made him a valuable player for the Chiefs.

16. Richard Ofori

Goalkeeper Richard Ofori, with a monthly salary of R300,000 at Orlando Pirates, has been a steadfast presence between the posts.

The Ghanaian international’s remarkable reflexes, command of the penalty area, and ability to organize the defence have made him indispensable to the Pirates.

Ofori’s performances have not only secured crucial points for his team but have also earned him recognition as one of the top goalkeepers in the league.

15. Kermit Erasmus

Kermit Erasmus, who plays for Orlando Pirates, earns R350,000 per month. His journey across various leagues in South Africa and Europe has honed his skills as a forward, making him a critical asset for the Pirates.

Erasmus is known for his speed, agility, and clinical finishing. His ability to create opportunities and convert them into goals has been instrumental in many of the team’s victories.

Erasmus’ experience and leadership on the field also play a key role in mentoring younger players in the squad.

14. Erwin Saavedra

Erwin Saavedra, earning R350,000 monthly at Mamelodi Sundowns, has quickly adapted to the PSL since joining from Bolivia.

His versatility allows him to play in various midfield and defensive roles, showcasing his tactical intelligence and ball-handling skills.

Saavedra’s contributions have been vital in maintaining the team’s competitive edge, both locally and in international competitions.

13. Brian Onyango

Brian Onyango, a defender for Mamelodi Sundowns, commands a monthly salary of R380,000.

The Kenyan international is known for his aerial ability, strength, and leadership in the backline.

Onyango’s defensive skills and knack for scoring crucial goals on set pieces have made him a key figure in Sundowns’ quest for dominance in the league and on the continent.

12. Thapelo Morena

Thapelo Morena, also at Mamelodi Sundowns, earns R400,000 per month. Known for his versatility, Morena can play both as a right-back and winger, providing speed, agility, and precise crossing.

His defensive solidity and attacking prowess make him an invaluable asset to the team, contributing significantly to both ends of the pitch.

11. Peter Shalulile

Peter Shalulile, with a monthly salary of R400,000 at Mamelodi Sundowns, has made a significant impact as a forward.

His relentless work ethic, pace, and clinical finishing ability have made him one of the league’s most feared strikers.

Shalulile’s knack for being in the right place at the right time has led to numerous important goals, contributing greatly to his team’s success.

10. Gaston Sirino

Gaston Sirino, earning R400,000 monthly at Mamelodi Sundowns, is a dynamic forward known for his dribbling ability, speed, and accurate shooting.

The Uruguayan has been a key figure in Sundowns’ attacking lineup, consistently delivering performances that turn the tide of games.

Sirino’s flair and creativity add a unique dimension to the team’s offensive play, making him a fan favourite.

9. Kennedy Mweene

Kennedy Mweene, the seasoned goalkeeper for Mamelodi Sundowns, earns R420,000 per month.

Hailing from Zambia, Mweene is renowned for his experience, composure, and penalty-saving prowess.

His contributions have been pivotal in securing victories and titles for Sundowns.

Mweene’s leadership extends beyond the goal line, as he mentors younger players, embodying professionalism and dedication.

8. Marcelo Allende

Marcelo Allende, a key player for Mamelodi Sundowns, draws a monthly salary of R430,000.

The Chilean midfielder, known for his technical skills and creativity, has become an instrumental part of the team’s attacking strategy.

Allende’s ability to navigate through tight spaces and deliver precise passes has made him a constant threat to opponents.

7. Denis Onyango

Denis Onyango, earning R450,000 monthly, is a cornerstone of Mamelodi Sundowns’ defensive unit.

The Ugandan goalkeeper is celebrated for his remarkable reflexes, commanding presence in the box, and leadership on and off the pitch.

Onyango’s experience has been vital in Sundowns’ domestic and continental successes, making him one of the most respected figures in African club football.

6. Itumeleng Khune

Itumeleng Khune, with a monthly salary of R480,000, remains an iconic figure at Kaizer Chiefs and within the PSL.

Known for his remarkable reflexes, excellent shot-stopping ability, and precise distribution, Khune has been integral to Chiefs’ successes over the years.

His experience and leadership qualities contribute significantly to the team’s defensive organization.

Despite facing challenges with injuries, Khune’s resilience and dedication have seen him bounce back, reaffirming his status as one of the league’s top goalkeepers.

His influence extends off the field, where he serves as a role model for aspiring footballers across the nation.

5. Ronwen Williams

Ronwen Williams, with a monthly salary of R500,000 at Mamelodi Sundowns, has established himself as one of the premier goalkeepers in the league.

His exceptional shot-stopping ability, command of the penalty area, and leadership qualities make him a pivotal figure for Sundowns.

Williams’ consistency and ability to perform in high-pressure situations have earned him numerous accolades and the trust of his teammates and coaching staff.

4. Deon Hotto

Deon Hotto, the highest-paid player at Orlando Pirates with a salary of R500,000 per month, is known for his versatility and impactful performances.

Playing primarily as a winger, Hotto’s pace, dribbling skills, and ability to deliver precise crosses make him a constant threat to opponents.

His knack for scoring crucial goals and providing assists has been vital for Pirates.

Hotto’s consistency and work ethic set a high standard within the squad, making him a key player in the team’s quest for silverware.

3. Andile Jali

Andile Jali, earning R550,000 monthly at Mamelodi Sundowns, is a midfield dynamo known for his tireless work rate, tactical intelligence, and ability to control the tempo of the game.

Jali’s experience in South African football and abroad has made him a central figure in Sundowns’ squad, contributing to both defensive solidity and attacking transitions.

His leadership and competitive spirit are infectious, elevating the performance of those around him.

2. Bongani Zungu

Bongani Zungu, earning R700,000 monthly at Mamelodi Sundowns, is a central figure in their midfield.

His career trajectory, which includes stints in Europe, has enriched his playmaking, ball control, and strategic thinking.

Zungu’s ability to dictate the pace of the game and his defensive acumen make him invaluable.

His return to the PSL has not only strengthened Sundowns but also added depth to the league’s talent pool.

1. Keagan Dolly

Keagan Dolly, Kaizer Chiefs’ top earner with a monthly salary of R1,450,000, is a standout figure in the DSTV Premier Soccer League.

His journey back to South Africa from Europe brought a wealth of experience to the local game.

Dolly is celebrated for his agility, vision, and exceptional ability to navigate through tight defences, making him a vital asset to Chiefs.

His knack for scoring and setting up goals has elevated the team’s offensive play.

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