AKA and Tibz Murder Case: Two Accused Plead Not Guilty, Seek Bail

Durban, South Africa – The ongoing saga of the AKA and Tibz murders took a new turn as two of the seven accused, Lindokuhle Thabani Mkhwanazi and Siyanda Eddie Myeza, appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for their bail applications.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Mkhwanazi Claims Innocence, Disputes State’s Case:

Mkhwanazi, through his lawyer, presented an affidavit asserting his innocence.

He emphasized the lack of concrete evidence linking him to the murders.

He pointed out being currently out on bail for a separate murder case and detailed his arrest on December 12th, 2023, under false pretenses.

Mkhwanazi alleged police assault and a coerced confession attempt regarding the AKA and Tibz murders, which he firmly denied.

He highlighted his compliance with bail regulations in his previous case and the financial hardships his detainment would cause, including supporting his pregnant wife and sisters.

Myeza Questions Strength of the Prosecution’s Case:

Myeza’s attorney presented an affidavit stating his belief in a weak case against him.

He declared having no prior convictions and being unemployed.

Myeza resides in Umlazi and previously worked at a local eatery.

Similar to Mkhwanazi, he pleaded not guilty and maintained he doesn’t possess a valid passport, eliminating any flight risk.

He expressed confidence in abiding by bail conditions and questioned the money laundering charges, believing them to be unfounded.

AKA’s Father Expresses Confidence in Prosecution:

Tony Forbes, Kiernan Forbes’ father, was present during the proceedings.

While acknowledging the accused’s right to seek bail, he voiced his faith in the state having built a strong case.

He anticipated a robust challenge from the prosecution when opposing bail.

Extradition Process for Remaining Suspects Ongoing:

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed the ongoing extradition procedures for the two remaining suspects currently in Eswatini.

Spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson-Kara revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions had signed the necessary documentation and forwarded it to the Department of Justice.

Magistrate’s Decision and Next Steps:

The Magistrate remanded the matter to March 18th and 19th. This development indicates the court will hear further arguments before reaching a verdict on the bail applications.

Key Points:

  • Two accused, Mkhwanazi and Myeza, pleaded not guilty and requested bail.
  • Mkhwanazi claims lack of evidence and police misconduct.
  • Myeza asserts his belief in a weak prosecution case.
  • Tony Forbes expresses confidence in the state’s investigation.
  • Extradition process for remaining suspects underway.
  • Court to deliver decision on bail applications on March 18th and 19th.

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